Surfers waiting for a wave at ebb tide on the Atlantic.  Taken: Cape Henlopen State Park, DE. Dawn Patrol
No one should deeply stare into the abyss...  This is an old coal miner's ladder in the New River Gorge in wild and wonderful West Virginia.  Rotated for effect. Ascent into the Black
The New River Gorge Bridge on a foggy morning in Fayetteville (wild and wonderful) West Virginia Bridge to the Multiverse
The play of light and shadow on the sensuous curves of snow mounds. The Sensuous Snow
Rusted gears among the rats, rain and ruin in an old coal processing building. The Gears of Time
A snow covered lane and shadows through a forest. Two-track through the Yin-Yang
Common Buckeye butterfly (Junonia coenia) sunning in the early morning.  Taken: Fredricksburg, VA.. Common Buckeye
A solitary heart-shaped leaf stranded on a rock in a tumultuous river. Stranded Heart
A newly emerged Calico Pennant or sometimes called an Elisa Pennant - (Celithemis elisa) just moments before its first flight.  Taken Adams Co., PA Seishi
Common Wood-nymph butterfly - (Cercyonis pegala).  Taken: Adams Co., PA Wood-nymph
A summer meadow sunrise in the Appalachian Mountains Foggy Appalachian Morning
A juvenile male Widow Skimmer (Libellula luctuosa).  Taken: Adams Co., PA. Hanging on a Dream
A snowy battlefield vista from the Gettysburg National Military Park. Under a Blood Red Sky
As i walk through the older, colonial-era sections of the local cemeteries; i read the stones and try to hear the echos of the past.  i often wonder of their lives - the joys, hardships and lessons learned.  i wonder if they are similar to ours.  May their souls rest in peace. In Silent Reverence