No one should deeply stare into the abyss...  This is an old coal miner's ladder in the New River Gorge in wild and wonderful West Virginia.  Rotated for effect. Ascent into the Black
The play of light and shadow on the sensuous curves of snow mounds. The Sensuous Snow
A snow covered lane and shadows through a forest. Two-track through the Yin-Yang
The lines, shapes and forms of ice on a very cold winters day. Brrrrr...
Daisies resting on the rim of a Civil War cannon. Antonyms
So which is it?  loves me... or loves me not? Loves me... Loves me not...
A male Red-winged Blackbird.  He was either unhappy with my proximity or just wanted to be noticed,  Males will sit on high perches all day long while belting out their song. They are very animated birds! Voiced Displeasure
Folk art on a sidewalk in Fayetteville, WV The Tin Man HAS Heart
Snails are mostly nocturnal.  I caught this one very early on a bright summers morning.  I can only assume it was looking for a place to bed down for the day. On the Way Home
A macro of a Monarch butterfly's wing. Tapestry of Grace
A wary stray cat in an abandoned farm building. Framed
A close up of an Old Shay train locomotive. Letting off some Steam
A male Yellow-headed Blackbird. Males are boisterous and belt out a raucous song.  Actually this song is much closer to a series of rattles followed by a harsh squeal.  Despite their name, Yellow-headed Blackbirds are more closely related to Meadowlarks than to other blackbirds. Male Yellow-headed Blackbird
A solitary heart-shaped leaf stranded on a rock in a tumultuous river. Stranded Heart
Lambs. Little Lambs
A young Bison munching on Lupines for breakfast. Young Bison
A turning waterwheel of a grist mill. Machinations
Trumpeter Swans on a foggy morning in Jackson, Wyoming. Swans in the Mist
A Japanese Maple and a little waterfall in the Portland Japanese Garden. In the Garden of Zen
A lone apple in an apple crate.... Meager Harvest
Another image which displays the play of light and shadow on snow mounds. Snow Mounds
Spark's soulful gaze.  I melt when I see this image.  I miss you, my heart-dog. Soulful Eyes