The play of light and shadow on the sensuous curves of snow mounds. The Sensuous Snow
A snow covered lane and shadows through a forest. Two-track through the Yin-Yang
The lines, shapes and forms of ice on a very cold winters day. Brrrrr...
Daisies resting on the rim of a Civil War cannon at the Antonyms
So which was it?  loves me... or loves me not? Loves me... Loves me not...
A male Red-winged Blackbird.  I am not sure if it was unhappy with my proximity or wanted to be noticed,  Males will sit on high perches all day long while belting out their conk-la-ree! song. They are very animated birds! Voiced Displeasure
Folk art on a sidewalk in Fayetteville, WV The Tin Man HAS Heart
Two Sweetgum leaves in the rain. Sweetgum Leaves...
Snails are mostly nocturnal.  I caught this one very early on a bright summers morning.  I can only assume it was looking for a place to bed down for the day. On the Way Home
A macro of a Monarch butterfly's wing. Tapestry of Grace
A wary stray cat in an abandoned farm building. Framed
A close up of an Old Shay train locomotive. Letting off some Steam
Gingko leaves on a gravestone in the fall. Ginkgo Leaves Resting in Peace
Yellow-headed Blackbird nests in the cattails and reeds of western deep-water marshlands. Males are boisterous and belts out a raucous "song".  Actually this song is much closer to a series of rattles followed by a harsh squeal.  Despite their name, Yellow-headed Blackbirds are more closely related to Meadowlarks than to other blackbirds. Male Yellow-headed Blackbird
A solitary heart-shaped leaf stranded on a rock in a tumultuous river.  At one point, I am sure all of us can relate to this image. Stranded Heart
Lambs. Little Lambs
A young Bison munching on Lupines for breakfast. Young Bison
A turning waterwheel of a grist mill. Machinations
Trumpeter Swans on a foggy morning in Jackson, Wyoming. Swans in the Mist
A Japanese Maple and a little waterfall in the Portland Japanese Garden. In the Garden of Zen
A lone apple in an apple crate.... Meager Harvest
Autumn colors of Ginkgo and a vine growing on an old farm building in Fairfield, PA. Repose
Unknown soldier grave markers and swirling autumn leaves in the Gettysburg National Cemetery. Souls 641, 642 & 643
Mouse tracks leading to a few soybean plants on a frigid, windswept field. Just a Pittance
Another image which displays the play of light and shadow on snow mounds. Snow Mounds
Spark's soulful gaze.  I melt when I see this image.  I miss you, my heart-dog. Soulful Eyes