Introduction to Places intro
A snowy battlefield vista from the Gettysburg National Military Park. Under a Blood Red Sky
A grist mill at Babcock State Park in West Virginia after a snowfall. Winter Solstice
The New River Gorge Bridge on a foggy morning in Fayetteville (wild and wonderful) West Virginia Bridge to the Multiverse
A fog infused sunrise overlooking one of the Gettysburg Battlefields from Confederate Avenue. Confederate Ave Sunrise
The Goddess of Victory and Peace was created by Samuel Murray in 1909-1910 from American Civil War cannons melted down and mixed with bronze.  She is a representation of the goddess Athena and sits atop the Pennsylvania Monument in the Gettysburg National Military Park. The Goddess of Victory and Peace
Ruffin's Pond on a foggy morning. Davy Joneses Locker
The grist mill at Babcock State Park in West Virginia in the Spring. Vernal Equinox
The Cranberry Glades is the largest area of bogs, or acidic wetlands, in West Virginia, a unique and exotic ecosystem on 750 acres. This spectacular and beautiful area was established by the United States Forest Service in 1965, to protect and preserve over 60 unique plant species, many of them descended from seeds that took root here over 10,000 years ago during the latest ice age.. 

The Glade’s fascinating sphagnum bogs are similar to that found in “Muskegs” of the Artic Tundra and is the most southern home of such an environment.. Cranberry Glades
A summer meadow sunrise in the Appalachian Mountains Foggy Appalachian Morning
A morning vista of Keeney's Creek Keeney's Creek
Surfers waiting for a wave at ebb tide on the Atlantic.  Taken: Cape Henlopen State Park, DE. Dawn Patrol
A Osage-orange lined lane outside of Dover, DE. Osage-orange Lane
A fall vista of Wolf Creek in the New River Gorge in West Virginia.  Wolf Creek
A diesel train zooms past an abandoned coal tipple in Thurmond, WV - a town that no longer is... population 5. Appalachia Past and Present
The Soldiers National Monument in the Gettysburg National Cemetery.  This monument is where President Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. Soldiers National Monument
This monument in the Gettysburg National Park commemorates the Battle of Little Round Top.  The castellated building is the largest monument dedicated to a regiment and is a perfect place to enjoy a sunset in the park. NY 12th and 44th Infanty Monument
A winters view of Sach's Covered Bridge in Gettysburg, PA.  Legend states that three soldiers accused of being spies during the Civil War were hung from the beams of the bridge.  Many claim the ghosts of these men still roam the bridge at night... Sach's Bridge in the Winter
a firebreak in Blackbird State Forest, Delaware on a foggy morning.  Lens was zoomed during exposure. The Light
As i walk through the older, colonial-era sections of the local cemeteries; i read the stones and try to hear the echos of the past.  i often wonder of their lives - the joys, hardships and lessons learned.  i wonder if they are similar to ours.  May their souls rest in peace. In Silent Reverence